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Kill Me Baby Volume 6 Batch Released!

This photo wasn’t supposed to be here actually.

We… Finally… Ended Volume 6.



Kill Me Baby Chapter 80 (2014-03) Released!

We finally finished Volume 6! The batch release will come first, then we’ll start with Volume 7.

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Blog: Yakisoba and MangaDex Scans

Sensei is 2nd, but this picture is beautiful nonetheless.

Hello everybody, it’s Yakisoba. Today I want to make the announcement that I have officially joined MangaDex Scans!

My roles are everything other than Translator, but I’m mostly a typesetter. I’ll work on Denki-gai no Honya-san as my main project as it was pretty […]

Kill Me Baby Chapter 79 (2014-02) Released!

Volume 6 is coming to an end, and we didn’t get to release any colorpages! Don’t worry, we have the ones for volume 7 and 2013-05… The batch for volume 6 will come soon™.

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Fun fact: The ZIP file weighs 6.86 MB. The KMB Blu-rays sold 686 copies.


News! Results of the Bladeweaver in KiraraTen Campaign

Hello everybody, it’s Yakisoba here. KiraraTen is starting very soon so I had to make this blog post now.


Kill Me Baby Chapter 78 (2014-01) Released!

The cover for KMB volume 10 has been revealed following the release of Kagaku Chop‘s fifth volume.

And 2 consecutive releases again, it seems.

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Kagaku Chop Chapter 3 (2012-12) Released!

We have decided to TL sound effects from now on it seems…

Read Online (Mangadex)/Read Online (Dynasty)/Download

If you want to read the Kagaku Chop chapters as soon as possible, please download or read them on Mangadex as we have a 24-hour delay on Dynasty-Scans!


News! Delays and the Possible Death of my Workstation

Hello everybody, it’s Yakisoba. I don’t have any idea of what to post here, so I will keep this short.

KMB chapter 78 and Kagaku chapter 3 are currently fine as of now; but Ochifuru is lagging because our multitasker, flowingcloud, is very busy with LN translation. I hope it’s released soon though.

As […]

Kill Me Baby Chapter 5v2 Released!

Yes, I’m taking KiraraTen seriously.

As you read in the caption above, KiraraTen is serious business for me. Probably at the level of card duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! If you want to make my wish real, please donate.

Anyways, let’s get to the links: Read Online/Download


Bladeweaver in KiraraTen

Hello everybody, Yakisoba here.

Today the merch that is going to be sold in Manga Time Kirara Ten has been revealed and thanks to the power of mathematics I have learned that KiraraTen has 100$ worth of KMB goods. The planned date will be the 17th (in Japan) unless he’s one of the 50 […]