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YakisobaScans To Only Focus On Kill Me Baby Starting Today

WAIT, WHAT?! Bad news, I know. Because I discovered that doing KMB alone is hard for me, let alone 3 different projects thanks to Corona-chan, Kisaragi, KiraFan, Pokemon Y, the lack of a translator and my own laziness.And yes, that … Continue reading

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Ochikobore Fruit Tart Chapter 01 HAS FINALLY RELASED!

Yes, we did 2 releases within less than an hour of each other. Yes, it’s really done. We’re not lying. And this was a joint collaboration with Aoi Ichigo Scans’ Capi. We need typesetters for this please, KMB is keeping … Continue reading

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News! Delays and the Possible Death of my Workstation

Hello everybody, it’s Yakisoba. I don’t have any idea of what to post here, so I will keep this short. KMB chapter 78 and Kagaku chapter 3 are currently fine as of now; but Ochifuru is lagging because our multitasker, … Continue reading

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Hi! Yes, Yakisoba here to deliver fresh news, like the title said! There are some things I want to talk to and because of that, I did this. News #1! A new project incoming… Ochikobore Fruit Tart! Yep, something 100% … Continue reading

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