Kill Me Baby Updates: Volume 7 Batch will include a lot of fixes.

Recently, Yakisoba LLC CEO Yakisoba Udon has mourned the loss of longtime translator Bladeweaver, kickstarting a new era for the YakisobaScans branch. The company is currently searching a new translator for the series.

Meanwhile, Yakisoba has confirmed that she’ll make the Volume 7 batch as polished as possible, work on Volume 8 as soon as the group gets a translator and continue remaking the older chapters. “We won’t give up, even if we lost a comrade of us; because it’s our job to scanlate obscure yonkoma manga for the greater good.”

-Yakisoba, who is actually working right now.

Kill Me Baby Chapter 93 Released!

Yes, really.

Sorry for the shitty joke.

I just realized that capi from IchiAo Scans has managed to pick up Ochifuru. Since then I have managed to agree on a joint, so results shall hopefully happen soon™ .
As for the story about bladeweaver, we do have to say that he’s retiring due to his life being busier than ever (I will still summon him from time to time though). So yes, we need a new TL for KMB, and since weaver didn’t translate the credits page we will have to wait for him to do so in order to get a batch release.

But anyways, let’s get to the links, the main point of this post: Read Online/Download.

-Yakisoba, whose life has been consumed by Yggdra Union recently.