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Happy 2019! A New YakisobaScans Batch Release!

Happy 2019 everyone! As promised on our Xmas Batch, we’re releasing some stuff today too. You may recognize that Yasuna if you play the gacha hell that is KiraFan (good thing i don’t really care about gachashit tho…).

I have prepared some stuff for you too, so let’s go onto the links…


Yasunatte by Komagoma Released!

Finally got around to release this fanmade comic. Yasunatte was originally published in Hidamari HWY‘s doujinshi Kill Me Goudo 4, but the author Komagoma later on uploaded it on Pixiv. I used the Pixiv raws for this to avoid the hassle of leveling well.

Anyways, let’s go now to the links: MangaDex/Dynasty/Download

We just happen […]

YakisobaScans Hosts it’s Very First Xmas Bonanza!

Hello everyone! If you celebrate Christmas, this is a gift from us. If you don’t, it’s still a release festival (sort of). On New Year’s Day, another big release will happen! Expect these to become bigger as time grows on though. Enjoy these chapters!


Kill Me Baby Chapter 6v2 (2008-06) Released!

Random Comparison Sheet

Read Online/Download

Kill Me Baby Chapter 82 (2014-06) Released!

9 days till’ Xmas (based on the western hemisphere).

Read Online/Download

Kagaku Chop Chapter 4 Released!

“What’s this, a umbrella for ants?!”

We said the next release would come around Christmas. And yet we are here.

Read Online (MangaDex)/Dynasty/Download

Please remember that we have a 24 hour delay on Dynasty-Scans so if you want to read the chapter fast go to MangaDex or download it!


Kill Me Baby Chapter 81 (2014-05) Released!

This is me after finishing this chapter. Expect 2 or more releases for Xmas.

Read Online/Download

DenkiGai no Honya-san Chapter 62 by MangaDex Scans RELEASED!

Me in a nutshell. And I live on the Southern Hemisphere if y’all didn’t know.

The first chapter of DenkiGai’s 11th volume is done! Now, go down below for the links:

Read Online/Download

Blog Post #6: Enjoying Manga The Right Way (aka. KillManga – KissManga Diss Track by Yakisoba)

If this was 2010, I would be fine with people reading my stuff in One Manga, as there was no such thing as Batoto (back in 2011-17, when everyone liked them, then MangaWindow bought the domain and ruined everything). But this is 2018, and Kissmanga is thrash when compared to the superior MangaDex.


Kill Me Baby Chapter 80.5 (Volume 7 Prologue) Released!

This post got delayed by a while thanks to a bug, but anyways:

We finally started Volume 7! Yay! Now onto the release!

Read Online/Download