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News! Results of the Bladeweaver in KiraraTen Campaign

Hello everybody, it’s Yakisoba here. KiraraTen is starting very soon so I had to make this blog post now.

The most important notice is that the Bladeweaver in KiraraTen campaign has been SUCCESFUL!

Thanks everyone for helping us! We have already said about we having the KMB Volume 7 raws (or not maybe?) but anyways, chapter 79 is being typesetted right now.  I want to keep a fast pace because of all the chapters that need to be done right now, so TL;DR: We’re doing a pretty consistent (and insane!) pace with  catching up to the manga.

-Yakisoba, who should be typesetting.

PD: For anyone wondering the origin of the original image, it’s here.

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