Kill Me Baby Chapter 98 RELEASED!

Get rid of Yasunas with this one weird trick!

“A new chapter within 4 days?! Really?!”

Yes, really

And here we are, only 1 chapter left before we do the 100th. Our constant delays taught me that I can only have maximum 2 days (the time left on the day of release and the day after the release) of free time before I work on the next chapter. We’re also going to reveal the results of the survey, but first we’re going to give you all the links:

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 97 RELEASED!

After the epic fail also known as “Chapter 95 with more love” we did this. I hope this is not another epic fail.

We’re like, very close to the 100th chapter. Only 2 more chapters and it’s due. Because of this and other reasons (read: OchiFuru is ready for TS) we’re going to do a survey for you to choose this group’s destiny in full reality show style right here.

For those who only want to read the new chapter, here are the links:

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-Yakisoba, whose winter break starts very soon

Kill Me Baby Chapter 96 Release Just in Time for our 1st Anniversary!

Hi, Yakisoba here. The picture above says all I want to say as an introduction, and I believe it does it perfecltly.

For the people only wanting the release, it’s right below here:

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Information about our anniversary should come on my Twitter soon.

Kill Me Baby Chapter 95 is RELEASED!

Top 10 Moments Captured Before Disaster

>Release a chapter after a week and a half
>Just to get attacked by exams, made specially worse because the group’s anniversary is right in the middle of them
I hope to get everything done by the 16th, aka. Yakisoba Scanlations’s 1st anniversary and my birthday.

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