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Kill Me Baby Chapter 70 (2013-05) Released!

Everybody hates Yasuna and Sonya. And by everybody, I mean everybody. From little kids to 40 year old assasin pedos. Read Online/Download

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Hi! Yes, Yakisoba here to deliver fresh news, like the title said! There are some things I want to talk to and because of that, I did this. News #1! A new project incoming… Ochikobore Fruit Tart! Yep, something 100% … Continue reading

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 69 (2013-04) Released!

I think that the “assassin” of this chapter was the Unused Character. The reason why she appears as a man’s shadow is because Yasuna and Sonya have become unable to even recognize her ever since Oribe herself absorbed her personality … Continue reading

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 68 (2013-03) Released!

Why does the tea doll look like the main girl of Koi No Boru? Read Online/Download

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An Introduction

Welcome to YakisobaScans, a scanlation group focused on bringing more moe to the world. Kill Me Baby was the reason why this group was born. Seeing that the translations stopped at the start of volume 6 when then series itself … Continue reading

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