A YakisobaScans PSA

Enjoy my shitty recolor.

Hello everyone, Yakisoba here. We’re today announcing that we will abandon our efficient, 1-release per week (or so we want) schedule for Kill Me Baby in favor of a more traditional model.

There’s a reason behind this, and it’s all your fault for not commenting, reading in KissManga and hurrying me up. Add all of that to the fact that we need to pay for our raws and everything starts to crumble down.
Thanks to a friend of mine who said that donations are unreliable, we have decided to put ads into our site starting tomorrow.

Our new process will include the hiring of machine and inexperienced translators, noob editors, French Canadian proofreaders and tons of quality checkers, as I’ll be too busy to do 90% of that. These QCers won’t have skills on editing and/or proofreading, meaning that they’ll delay the releases by a week.
We will also downscale the public versions of our releases to 1200px/72dpi no matter what and release high quality 600dpi versions for those willing to pay for them.

We have also realized that Manga Time Kirara and moe in general isn’t profitable for us, and so we decided to start focusing on isekai, yaoi and romcoms instead. We’re also planning to hire Chinese and Korean translators for manhua and manwha projects soon. We need to get noticed to get hired help faster, y’know?

To cap this off, our download links won’t be on a safe and mostly reliable Mediafire account but instead put into sites that may last a few weeks at best. Good luck finding download links before the batch torrent is released, because it’ll be fun. We won’t also use MangaDe- I mean, MangaCat, as they’re limiting us too much.

-Yakisoba, CEO of Yakisoba LLC.

Blog Post: On Our Current Inactivity and Scanlation Stuff

Yes, I’m a mother fucking spic.

Hello everyone, Yakisoba here.

For everyone asking about where’s the next chapter of Kill Me Baby; it might happen next month, as Bladeweaver has moved and he needs a router in order to connect to the internet. We will try to do some Kagaku Chop in the meantime. Hopefully.

As for Ochikobore, we’re dropping it. I mean, it has been 9 entire months since the announcement and nothing has happened! So yeah, we’re quietly going to delete it from our projects, as we haven’t even cleaned the 1st chapter.

I also want to tell you about Comic Fuz. You may have heard it after the notice that Yurucamp is switching magazines, hence killing Kirara Forward but I want to give some extra information that has to do with Kill Me Baby, otherwise it would be on my personal blog.

Comic Fuz is Houbunsha’s newest attempt at publishing their stuff digitally, and it should be pretty obvious that they’re late to the party. I mean, there were already web magazines focusing exclusively on original stories years ago, and the 1st move that Comic Fuz does is announce existing ones! Playing it safe, huh?

Criticism aside, Kill Me Baby is officially announced to be in the app-magazine, as shown in the tweet that starts this post.
I don’t know if it’s going to switch magazines, be published in a simulpub way or just include old chapters, but I’ll gladly use the app if they have the chapters that aren’t in the volumes yet, totally not because I scanlate it.

-Yakisoba, who has fallen in love with GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class recently.