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A YakisobaScans PSA

Hello everyone, Yakisoba here. We’re today announcing that we will abandon our efficient, 1-release per week (or so we want) schedule for Kill Me Baby in favor of a more traditional model. There’s a reason behind this, and it’s all … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: Ochifuru Gets an Anime, No Longer Dropped

Ochikobore Fruit Tart, a Yakisoba LLC project originally done by the guy behind Hanayamata; just got it’s anime adaptation announced. This means that we’re not dropping it.We’ll try our best to release the 1st chapter soon.

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Blog Post: On Our Current Inactivity and Scanlation Stuff

Hello everyone, Yakisoba here. For everyone asking about where’s the next chapter of Kill Me Baby; it might happen next month, as Bladeweaver has moved and he needs a router in order to connect to the internet. We will try … Continue reading

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 92 Released!

Release delayed again. Because apparently life is against Weaver. I’ll start school soon, so yeah. And we got a filipino proofreader, booyeah. Read Online/Download

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