Kill Me Baby Chapter 5v2 Released!

Yes, I’m taking KiraraTen seriously.

As you read in the caption above, KiraraTen is serious business for me. Probably at the level of card duels in Yu-Gi-Oh!
If you want to make my wish real, please donate.

Anyways, let’s get to the links:
Read Online/Download

The KMB-issued magazines package is going thorough customs right now. I want to open it!
Other than that, I’m preordering the 5th volume of Kagaku Chop in Toranoana. For the people whining “Why not from Amazon JP/insert another JP store with International Shipping?”, here’s why:

When a manga gets compiled in a tankobon the japanese tend to make special “volume bonuses” that are unique to each participating store. The content of them vary, but most of them are simple postcards. Amazon JP doesn’t tend to get volume bonuses all the time, and when a manga does get Amazon-exclusive bonuses; it’s usually a Kindle-exclusive. Then there’s the Kindle nation block.I choosed the Tora bonus because it looked pretty cute.

-Yakisoba, who wrote this in a good mood.

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