YakisobaScans was originally created to provide scanlations of Kill Me Baby by Kaduho, and founded by a person who would eventually adopt the name of Yakisoba itself in the distant 2018.
From the years of 2018 to 2019 a lot of things happened within the group, with many members joining, leaving and working on the various projects.

However, as the new decade came in, the leader’s passion for keeping the group up and the releases coming in started going down as time passed and interests changed.

Currently, this page is kept up as an archive of YakisobaScans’ work through the years it was active.

It might have been a long ride, but it was a fun ride anyways.

Wait, we are back now?

Well, I guess you can say we are back now. We still take scanlations of Kill Me Baby way too seriously.

Current members include Yakisoba (leader and all sorts of editing hijinks), tazi (translation, proofreading and redrawing), Gabriel (translation and proofreading) and jefftheciller (typesetting)

If you want to get in contact with us for whatever reason, there’s https://discord.gg/zYnKcAG68v.