These aren’t really frequently asked, but I might as well answer them.

Where does the YakisobaScans name come from?

From yakisoba pan. I wanted a name that wasn’t obviously related to Kill Me Baby, and Sonya seems pretty fond of these (pic related).

What stuff does YakisobaScans focus on?

Kaduho works, sometimes other cute stuff.

Can I retranslate your releases to another language? Could you help me scanlate KMB/whatever other manga this group does to another language?

Yeah, feel free to do so – in fact, I’m perfectly willing to give you my cleaned and redrawn chapter raws so you don’t have to deal with these steps yourself!
However, we have a condition for this: Credit us. It is already fairly generous for us to tell that we’re willing to help you with all of this when most non-English scanlation groups just take the English releases without any credits, so please credit us for the original translations (assuming you’re not able to directly translate from Japanese to your target language, which would be ideal) and the cleaned PSD files.

Where are your raws from?

It’s a long story, but it goes as following:

Kill Me Baby
- Volume 6 used the same public raws you can find on the internet.
- Volume 7's raws were scanned by me. Unfortunately, I do not possess these raws anymore.
- Volume 8 and 9 (or up to chapter 114, at least)'s raws were provided by a kind reader called riverina19. Unfortunately, I lost contact with them at some point, leading me to scan 115 myself.
- The raws we use for Volume 10 have been scanned by no one other than Gabriel himself.
- And finally, our six Volume 1v2 releases use digital raws that used to be public, but can no longer be found (nor do I still have them),
- All of our doujin releases came from public sources, including Pixiv and Twitter.

Kagaku Chop
- Chapter 1 used public raws, I think.
- Everything after that used physical raws I scanned. Much like with the KMB raws, I no longer have these.

Technically MangaDex Scans, but digital raws were used for that one. I've forgotten most stuff that went on around that time, so don't ask me about it.

The Rest
I don't care about these anymore, just forget they even existed.

Can you please translate X? What about Y?

No. Ask another group or create your own scanlation group yourself. We probably don’t have any interest on whatever you want us to translate anyway.

Do you accept donations? Can I commission any translations from your members?

We do this for free. While we have organized donation campaigns in days past, we currently fund it all out of pocket. Do not try to change our mind on this.

How can I contribute?

Give us raws, or perhaps just join our group – anything is fine.

Unless you’re a MTL. If so, then get the fuck out.

I guess that should be everything.