Frequently Asked (and Frenetically Answered) Questions

What’s the origin of of the Yakisoba in YakisobaScans, YakisobaLLC ?

It’s from Yakisoba Pan, Sonya’s favorite lunch meal.

When do new manga chapters come out?

Every month on the 28th (or 27th sometimes) Kirara Carat appears!

Can I join the group?

Well, yes. It depends.

When will the next chapter of insert manga here release?

Once we have completed it.

Why has insert manga here been dropped?

If anyone asks this, then the reason will most probably be that we are:

  1.  Understaffed.
  2. WAAY too busy with IRL and/or scanlation stuff.
  3. Just plain tired of working on it.
  4. We try to avoid dropping stuff as much as possible.

Are there scanners who leak ahead of the 28th?

Kirara Carat is no Shonen Jump. However, the day of the release (or the night before it), some people take one or two photos.

What can I do if I find a dead link?

That’s probably a takedown notice, so I might have knew it before you did.

What do the dates mean?

They are the cover date!

Which is the first chapter you translated of KMB?

2013-3, the first serialized chapter of Volume 6.

What things of Kill Me Baby will you scan and translate?


  • Serialized Chapters
  • Volumes
  • Drama CDs and other tie-in material without translations
  • Non-hentai doujinshi and fanart (Not all of them though)
  • Interviews
  • Anything done by Kaduho in general would count here


  • Hentai (Do you want me to end up in jail?)

Can I retranslate your translations?

Yes. Credit would be appreciated! If you have a Japanese TL, it’s even better.

Can I rehost your translations?

Do not read our releases outside MangaDex or Dynasty-Scans (For Kagaku Chop and our doujin stuff). Once these sites die, we’ll upload the chapters into a future MangaDex replacement, just like how MangaDex itself replaced Batoto.

Do you have donations and/or ads?

We DO NOT have ads, we never had ads and we will never have ads.

As for donations, it’s only when obligatorily needed

What’s the true meaning behind the dates?

The date in the file name is the cover date of the Kirara Carat issue the chapter appeared in.  The cover date is two months ahead of the magazine’s release date (this is done to keep the magazine appearing “new” on store shelves). I translate from magazine scans (outside catching up fast), not  volumes, otherwise you’d be waiting a year and some months just for 12-13 releases succesively.  The magazine versions of chapters might have artwork errors (which Kaduho sadly doesn’t fix).

Why are you using shitty Hepburn translation? Wouldn’t the most acurrate translation be Kazuho?

According to the Kagaku Chop covers; the official translation is Kaduho with a D.

How can I support us?

Leave comments, donate and appreciate our work.

“Insert manga we scanlate here” has been given an anime adaptation. Will you fansub it?

No, it will be most probably get licensed by Crunchyroll or any other streaming service so enjoy your HorribleSubs. Fansubbing’s pretty much dead anyways.
Unless it’s Kagaku Chop, that would be great.