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DenkiGai no Honya-san Chapter 64 FINALLY Released!

Oh, finally. And it was all the QC’s fault, by the way.

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YakisobaScans Hosts it’s Very First Xmas Bonanza!

Hello everyone! If you celebrate Christmas, this is a gift from us. If you don’t, it’s still a release festival (sort of). On New Year’s Day, another big release will happen! Expect these to become bigger as time grows on though. Enjoy these chapters!


DenkiGai no Honya-san Chapter 62 by MangaDex Scans RELEASED!

Me in a nutshell. And I live on the Southern Hemisphere if y’all didn’t know.

The first chapter of DenkiGai’s 11th volume is done! Now, go down below for the links:

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Blog: Yakisoba and MangaDex Scans

Sensei is 2nd, but this picture is beautiful nonetheless.

Hello everybody, it’s Yakisoba. Today I want to make the announcement that I have officially joined MangaDex Scans!

My roles are everything other than Translator, but I’m mostly a typesetter. I’ll work on Denki-gai no Honya-san as my main project as it was pretty […]