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A YakisobaScans PSA

Hello everyone, Yakisoba here. We’re today announcing that we will abandon our efficient, 1-release per week (or so we want) schedule for Kill Me Baby in favor of a more traditional model. There’s a reason behind this, and it’s all … Continue reading

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Blog Post #6: Enjoying Manga The Right Way (aka. KillManga – KissManga Diss Track by Yakisoba)

If this was 2010, I would be fine with people reading my stuff in One Manga, as there was no such thing as Batoto (back in 2011-17, when everyone liked them, then MangaWindow bought the domain and ruined everything). But … Continue reading

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 73 (2013-08) Released!

This chapter has a bunch of references to previous events, most notably of the ones that were once missing in Mangadex. Also, that scene was pretty damm gay in the original. Read Online/Download

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Blog: For Anyone who Comes From KissManga, Mangakakalot, etc. and Talking About Raws

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