Happy 2019! A New YakisobaScans Batch Release!

Happy 2019 everyone! As promised on our Xmas Batch, we’re releasing some stuff today too. You may recognize that Yasuna if you play the gacha hell that is KiraFan (good thing i don’t really care about gachashit tho…).

I have prepared some stuff for you too, so let’s go onto the links…

Kill Me Baby Chapter 84: Read Online/Download

KMB Chapter 85: Read Online/Download

Yakisoba’s KMB Doujin Translations 2k18: Download Only
Note: These fanworks are also available on Dynasty-Scans under Kill Me Baby Doujinshi. Yasuna is Anxious About the Secret Santa is not a accurrate translation of the original work’s title but a liberal adaptation of mine based on what I understanded of the Google and Bing translations of the original Twitter posts.

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