Happy 2019! A New YakisobaScans Batch Release!

Happy 2019 everyone! As promised on our Xmas Batch, we’re releasing some stuff today too. You may recognize that Yasuna if you play the gacha hell that is KiraFan (good thing i don’t really care about gachashit tho…).

I have prepared some stuff for you too, so let’s go onto the links…

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Yasunatte by Komagoma Released!

Finally got around to release this fanmade comic. Yasunatte was originally published in Hidamari HWY‘s doujinshi¬†Kill Me Goudo 4, but the author Komagoma later on uploaded it on Pixiv.
I used the Pixiv raws for this to avoid the hassle of leveling well.

Anyways, let’s go now to the links: MangaDex/Dynasty/Download

We just happen to have a 24-hour delay on Dynasty, so please go to MangaDex or download the chapter if you want to read it asap.