Blog: For Anyone who Comes From KissManga, Mangakakalot, etc. and Talking About Raws

The reason why? We upload the chapters, no bots or anything like that.
Most “manga reading”sites actually use bots. They rip from MangaDex and post it on their ad-filled aggregator websites, hence their proper name; Aggregator Sites.

Ads are a way to get money to host your website, but anyways in 2018 everybody hates ads + manga scanlation shouldn’t be monetized.
But hey, the manga is at least not in a paywall and you can just use adblock, eh?

Well, the Kiss websites (KissAnime, KissManga, KissCartoon, etc.) will IP block anyone with an adblock who visits them. Specially KissAnime, but KissManga isn’t exempt either.
Mangadex doesn’t do anything of that. Instead they rely on donations in order to stay afloat. They also allow the scanlators to upload their own content, with them having full control of what they have uploaded.

If you are aware that chapter 72 (74 in the incorrect ones) isn’t available on the reading sites, congratulations! You’re in a shitty aggregator site! And if it’s called 74, the same!
Sure, Manga Rock might be restrucuring from what I heard from a fellow scanlator but still. If any of you reading this is part of the Manga Rock staff, I will forgive you and talk about stuff (*cough cough* HQ raws *cough cough*) unless you revert back to the old botrip practices.

Unrelated to the aggregator drama but still needed is something about colorpages.

First of all, I, bladeweaver and Sawel decided to do a crowdfund in order to get the colorpage-including magazines with a KMB cover on it. That is, 9 Kirara Carat issues with KMB covers. And most of the time, it means colorpages!
I and Sawel (sawe871) will pay the shipping, while bladeweaver is “bidding” directly from Yahoo Auctions (he lives on Japan anyways).

The group is striving to do a complete HQ scanlation of the manga and to achieve that in less time, I have started to think about donations via Ko-fi.
That way we don’t have to force ourselves to P2P services, not eating for a day or selling one of our kidneys just for sweet sweet manga raws.
Oh, and for the poll I released about the colorpages; apparently nobody voted. But anyways, keeping both is fine I guess?

TL;DR: Scanlation is a expensive hobby. Importing stuff is going to cost no matter what.


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