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Kill Me Baby Chapter 109?! REALLY?!

Lesson of the day: Don’t do gacha kids. Gacha (more specifically, Kirara Fantasia) almost ruined me.

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Anyways, there’ll be some more info below the Read More, as there are quite a few news. One is good, the other…

…Not so much.

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 108 released, just in time for Christmas.

Here it is, the monthly KMB chapter. Finally. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one for New Decade.

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A New Chapter of Kill Me Baby? REALLY?

Wait, WHAT?! You must be kidding me!

No, we REALLY did it. Since Yakisoba’s final exams are coming soon, expect delays.

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Happy Halloween from YakisobaScans!

Sorry for putting a crappy meme.

You thought we were dead, right? Well, we aren’t. It just happened that we got busy with IRL stuff, Kirara Fantasia (at least for me) and other things. And we somehow managed to get this just in time for Halloween. This is also the start of Volume 9, possibly released in a irregular schedule.

Anyway, here are the ways to get our second halloween special!

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-Yakisoba, who should get back to scanlation.

Kill Me Baby Volume 8 Batch RELEASED (FOR REAL)

The status of the translations right now

Ahoy comrades! The wait is no more! We finally have the batch release for Volume 8!

But anyways, here we are. The torrent link (because I’m too unwilling to upload the batch in DDL if we already have the singles) is below, in Nyaa like always:

Download (Nyaa, torrent only)

If you already have the old version, the trick of pointing it out to the same directory won’t work. Please delete the old one first even if just for the sake of avoiding dupes (Mostly because I’m now going to upload chapters in another bot free aggregator starting Volume 9)

Notices about the Raws

Kill Me Baby Chapter 106 (2016-06) RELEASED!

…And you probably know what to expect next. Other than that, we still need raws. The ad is in a extra page of the release, and you can always search for ways to contact us if you need to.
Anyways, back to the links:

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-Yakisoba, who is listening to a lot of 2000’s music.

Ochikobore Fruit Tart Chapter 01 HAS FINALLY RELASED!

Yes, we did 2 releases within less than an hour of each other. Yes, it’s really done. We’re not lying.

And this was a joint collaboration with Aoi Ichigo Scans’ Capi.

We need typesetters for this please, KMB is keeping me busy

But anyways, on to the links:

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 105 has RELEASED!

I know, crappy Pokemon reference, but I had no idea of what to do.

Next chapter and Volume 8 is done! Hooray! Then to the batch and we start the 9th!

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-Yakisoba, who’s listening a lot of Gorillaz music as of lately

Kill Me Baby Chapter 104 RELEASED!

We only need 2 chapters to finish with Volume 8 and our Volume 9 raws aren’t even complete. There are no publics (much less HQ ones) so we have to yet again ask for a raw provider in order to prevent me from cutting down my own books.
If you’re open to do so, then comment on Mangadex or go to our collaborations page! With that all said, let’s go to the links.

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-Yakisoba, who’s writing a chapter for her Sims 3 story simultaneously with this.

Kill Me Baby Chapter 103 RELEASED!

R.I.P Yasuna and Sonya: [REDACTED]-20XX. You’ll surely be missed.

So well, here we are. Only three chapters before we finish with Volume 8. However, lack of raws looms ahead. For more information then click on read above (it’s above the links) or go to the comment section in the MangaDex portal.

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