Kill Me Baby 114 Is Now Released FOR REAL

Houbunsha and the Kirara economy in a nutshell.

>April fools chapter uploaded on the 1st
>Actual release takes over 3 weeks after that
>And you’re quarantined, even; meaning it shouldn’t take that long

Hoo boy has been the scheduling really bad this time around. Hopefully future chapters are released more frequently, because one day I’ll end up giving up scanlation and you’ll all miss me, crying on /a/ and other such places about the lack of translations.
Anyways, the links are right here: Read Online/Download

-Yakisoba, who should be running for “Scanlators/Manga Time Kirara fans/Waifuists/Whatever With The Worst Work-Life Balance”

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  1. zura says:

    I believed that april 1 chapter was the real chapter

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