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Kirara Fantasia 1st Anniversary Memorial Book – Kaduho TL

Did this in a day with Google, Bing, Jisho and Photoshop. I wasted too much time on this indeed.

Kill Me Baby Chapter 89 (2015-01) Released!


R.I.P Sonya, 20XX-20YY. You will be remembered. Also sorry for the HUGE delays. the TL was hard to do.

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 88 (2014-12) Released!

Sai Suzuzono’s most recent study on the Kill Me Baby universe has confirmed the way how Yasuna’s brain actually works.

A chapter about memory. Again. Anyways, sorry for the delays, seasonal anime is being problematic; I have to watch Endro after releasing this.

Anyways, now onto the links: Read Online/Download


Kill Me Baby Chapter 87 (2014-11) Released!


Definitely NOT Agiri’s parrot. Also expect releases to fall on Thursdays, it’s not a strict schedule though, it may be before or after that. We’re putting KGK and OchiFuru on indefinite hiatuses too until we catch up to KMB; that’s how the mafia works anyways.

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 86 (2015-10) Released!

Blame TS3 for the possible delays, my 2017 Simmer self has reappeared.

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What’s Going On?

Click on the image for the original source. Author: Akahashira.

Happy 2019! A New YakisobaScans Batch Release!

Happy 2019 everyone! As promised on our Xmas Batch, we’re releasing some stuff today too. You may recognize that Yasuna if you play the gacha hell that is KiraFan (good thing i don’t really care about gachashit tho…).

I have prepared some stuff for you too, so let’s go onto the links…


YakisobaScans Hosts it’s Very First Xmas Bonanza!

Hello everyone! If you celebrate Christmas, this is a gift from us. If you don’t, it’s still a release festival (sort of). On New Year’s Day, another big release will happen! Expect these to become bigger as time grows on though. Enjoy these chapters!


Kill Me Baby Chapter 6v2 (2008-06) Released!

Random Comparison Sheet

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 82 (2014-06) Released!

9 days till’ Xmas (based on the western hemisphere).

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