Kill Me Baby Chapter 103 RELEASED!

R.I.P Yasuna and Sonya: [REDACTED]-20XX. You’ll surely be missed.

So well, here we are. Only three chapters before we finish with Volume 8. However, lack of raws looms ahead. For more information then click on read above (it’s above the links) or go to the comment section in the MangaDex portal.

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As we said before, we’re finishing Volume 8. We currently have raws for the prologue and 2/3rds of the serialized chapters of Volume 9, but we still need those for what’s left. However, I have lost contact with my old raw provider due to some things (heavily implied to be IRL stuff).

Any quality is allowed as long as it’s not some crappy watermarked and downscaled release you found off a random website, but we highly recommend your scans to be physical 600dpi PNGs (or even better, TIFFs). And yes, we do really have high standards.
If you want a example of how our current raws look like, here’s one.
Bonus points if you’re willing to scan Volume 10 too, I don’t wanna debind mine.

-Yakisoba, who watches Fire Force this season.

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