Kill Me Baby Chapter 98 RELEASED!

Get rid of Yasunas with this one weird trick!

“A new chapter within 4 days?! Really?!”

Yes, really

And here we are, only 1 chapter left before we do the 100th. Our constant delays taught me that I can only have maximum 2 days (the time left on the day of release and the day after the release) of free time before I work on the next chapter. We’re also going to reveal the results of the survey, but first we’re going to give you all the links:

Read Online/Download

And well, these were the results:

As you see, a majority of users voted for keeping this messy (according to me) site as messy as it is. There was a notable minority who picked for us to divide in two too, considering that it got 25% of the pie chart.

I do have to say that I have putted WAY too much effort on my planned KMB section (in Tumblr of all fucking places to boot, although you could credit that for my love of customizing websites for the sake of being both pretty and functional, at least go thank god it’s not Livejournal).

So yes, I’m now literally between leaving the new, spam comments-free blog to waste or making this site a mess (according to me)

-Yakisoba, who has finally managed the balance between Kisaragi Yamaguchi cuddling, anime watching, gaming and scanlating.

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