Kill Me Baby Chapter 99 RELEASED!

Only people who have read the untranslated chapters will understand this joke at it’s best

Ahoy, comrades! Next chapter IS chapter 100! The only reason why this was done within 5 days instead of 4 is because of our proofreader, but other than that… Let’s go to the links!

Read Online/Download

As for my decision on whether to let the (Tumblr) KMB-blog go to waste or disagree with the majority opinion, I decided to just keep the Tumblr blog and go full ‘be yourself’ via, you know how it’s done.
It’s first post will (most probably) be KMB 2019-09 spoilers and it’ll be linked to on this blog. The End.

-Yakisoba, who now has alongside Kirara Carat the 1st kanzenban of Soul Eater.

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