Kill Me Baby Chapter 109?! REALLY?!

Lesson of the day: Don’t do gacha kids. Gacha (more specifically, Kirara Fantasia) almost ruined me.

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Anyways, there’ll be some more info below the Read More, as there are quite a few news. One is good, the other…

…Not so much.

First of all, something happened with Mangadex. Because of this, it had to change its .org domain for .cc instead. Note that you can’t read any KMB chapters other than this one, since they only could salvage releases up to a few days prior to the incident.

As for the good news, I’m happy to say that the Manga Time Kirara Twitter has leaked Volume 11’s cover! Yay! It looks like this:


Yasuna trying to chase Sonya with explosives in her hand. No, I’m not kidding.
And yes, this could mean Kaduho ran out of ideas. Maybe. They also seem to have repeated the background color from the 5th volume…

But anyways, I’m pretty hyped for this volume. I have heard that the last few chapters are pretty offbeat when compared to the usual things we see…

-Yakisoba, who should release more often.

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