News: The Plan for KMB Volume 7 and Further

We’re soon finishing volume 6 and after that the scanlation of the 7th one will start. The original purpose of catching up to volume 10 then using magazine scans is still being kept.

The raws for volume 7 are in a low quality (read: watermarked downscaled 1344px) and there are no public sources for 8 and 9 (10 hasn’t released yet as of writing this, but it has been announced some time ago). We want a decent quality for our raws, so once we complete all of these, the group will start using magazine raws.
As for the colorpages, they will be slowly added as we get them.

A friendly donor has given us enough for the digital version of 7, but other than that there’s nothing else we could pay with $9. Other than more Kagaku, digital versions of the older volumes or the magazines of course.

Speaking about Kagaku, The cover for Volume 5 has been announced. Because of this, we will also consistently release it (not 100% guaranteed).
Like with KMB, volumes are first. We will use physical raws as the digitals suck (read: 1200px even for EbookJapan).

TL;DR: If you want HQ raws and colorpages, please donate. Otherwise you won’t see them in years (unless we steal from Share, chinese pirates or the French of course.  Spring Ephemeral and their work on A-Channel is somewhat of a english version of the french KMB scanlations).

-Yakisoba from YakisobaScans, wishing good things in life.

P.D: I have buyed 2 copies of Kirara Carat 2018-11, one for keeping and the other for scanning. Used SAL Registered as I don’t trust that much on Serpost and their service. In the best case scenario, the package will be out for delivery on Thursday 25th. Pray to God (or Haruhi, or Madoka, or whatever) it all goes as expected. I would be happy.

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