Kill Me Baby Chapter 71 (2013-06) Released!

2013-06 preview.jpg

EDIT 21/08/2018: Fixed a typo on the title.

That’s a rampaging Sonya and her Knive of Knives.

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There are 2 extra notes for this post:

  1. The Aqours event starts the 9th of August. Wish me luck for getting me to summon the fallen angel.
  2. A event about all Manga Time Kirara anime (and some manga that never got adapted) called, well Manga Time Kirara Ten is going to start the 17th of November this year. A sneak peek with Sonya in it has been revealed.


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One Response to Kill Me Baby Chapter 71 (2013-06) Released!

  1. MrChievious says:

    Wait, so does this mean chapter 72 was released in 2013 and 73 in 2016? Is that why it’s still ongoing and slow, because the author is taking these hugeass breaks!?

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