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The End Of a Era, The Start of a New One



I don’t know what to put here but as the title says so, YakisobaScans has ended.
Not completemely but, here a pet peeve of mine:

I’m Asperger. Because of that, I don’t tend to work on groups very well, but I can do something alone. So yeah, my type is the high-functioning one.

Friendly reminder, that thanks to Google, the translation quality will lower, and that because of that; you can fix TL problems and typos via your comments. The fixed versions will appear on the full volume release unless these are critical.

TL;DR: Updates will be slower until I get the hang of correcting Google’s authentically shitty TL.

As a happier new; I found raws for Kagaku Chop..


Now I need to TL and clean/typeset it, there are furigana after all, even if it sacrifices 14 hours of my time.

So, like always; goodbye!

(P.D: Used Written? Kitten! Because I had fear but needed to post this)

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