Kill Me Baby Volume 8 Batch RELEASED (FOR REAL)

The status of the translations right now

Ahoy comrades! The wait is no more! We finally have the batch release for Volume 8!

But anyways, here we are. The torrent link (because I’m too unwilling to upload the batch in DDL if we already have the singles) is below, in Nyaa like always:

Download (Nyaa, torrent only)

If you already have the old version, the trick of pointing it out to the same directory won’t work. Please delete the old one first even if just for the sake of avoiding dupes (Mostly because I’m now going to upload chapters in another bot free aggregator starting Volume 9)

As for the missing raws, I got an email for digital ones. Unless I get lucky enough for more physicals I’ll use them once my current raws are depleted.

-Yakisoba, who got back into Kirara Fantasia.

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