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We aren’t dead yet.

Hello everyone, Yakisoba here.

This will be a long blog post about what I’ve been doing as of now, plans for our works and why I should stop playing too much Sims. So if you want to read a long post, then click on the Read More button.

What I’ve Been Up To, Including Scanlation Stuff

It’s a long story, but if you want a quick read about it, then let me explain it:

After releasing KMB Chapter 93, I realized our lag in Kagaku Chop. Then I got lazy and started playing The Sims, because I got bored and didn’t want to work on actual stuff and school was stressing me.
I didn’t return to scanlation until after exams, where I lost my internet connection to boot. During these 3 days, I worked hard on the Volume 6 part of the batch and more KMB content.

I originally wanted to use this photo back in December 2018, but couldn’t.

I’m currently trying to juggle between Sims, scanlation and school all at the same time and as time passes, I’ll have to make quite a few sacrifices along the way. Yes, sleeping at 1AM counts as a sacrifice.

I hope to enjoy Detective Pikachu release more content on this vacation week as I’ll have a lot more free time than usual. Hopefully.

-Yakisoba, who is playing a Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge right now.

P.D: Fuck the spam comments that plague this website from behind. I swear I only installed Jetpack for this reason.

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