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Kill Me Baby Chapter 71 (2013-06) Released!

EDIT 21/08/2018: Fixed a typo on the title.

That’s a rampaging Sonya and her Knive of Knives.

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There are 2 extra notes for this post:

The Aqours event starts the 9th of August. Wish me luck for getting me to summon the fallen angel. A event about all Manga Time Kirara anime […]

Kill Me Baby Chapter 70 (2013-05) Released!

Everybody hates Yasuna and Sonya.

And by everybody, I mean everybody. From little kids to 40 year old assasin pedos.

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Hi! Yes, Yakisoba here to deliver fresh news, like the title said! There are some things I want to talk to and because of that, I did this.

News #1! A new project incoming… Ochikobore Fruit Tart!

Yep, something 100% new this time. The group might do Hanayamata if it gets bigger (I don’t wanna […]

Kill Me Baby Chapter 69 (2013-04) Released!

I think that the “assassin” of this chapter was the Unused Character. The reason why she appears as a man’s shadow is because Yasuna and Sonya have become unable to even recognize her ever since Oribe herself absorbed her personality traits.

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Kill Me Baby Chapter 68 (2013-03) Released!

Why does the tea doll look like the main girl of Koi No Boru?

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