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Kill Me Baby

If you have the money for Japanese Volumes, here are some links (Baby, please remember that the links all go to the 1st volume unless specified):

If the manga is licensed in your country, then buy it! There’s no announcement of a english license anyways.

Kagaku Chop

If you have the money for Japanese Volumes, here are some links:


Kill Me Baby


Kill Me Baby


Desuarchive, no other option.

/a/ OP Guide (since 06/10/2018)

  1. Make sure the previous thread is DEAD. Or if it doesn’t exist althogether. If there’s currently one up, don’t make one.
  2. Screenshots, mangacaps and the Fanart section are image reccomendations.
  3. Make the subject “Kill Me Baby” or something else related to KMB if you want it to be easy to remember
  4. To avoid breaking /a/’s rules on threads, do not link this guide on the OP. Instead post a reply with a message linking to this page. Don’t general either.
  5. Don’t put any shitty shitpost. You’re only going to trigger people.


Places where you can find stuff for OP’s. Not everything is SFW though.

  • Pixiv (KMB)
  • Pixiv (Kagaku)
  • Individual artists Twitter Accounts
  • The Boorus


Learn new (and not-so new) stuff.