Kill Me Baby Chapter 75 (2013-10) Released!

What a nice Fallout reference

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W-Wait, 2 consecutive chapters in one day?!

Yes, 2 consecutive chapters in 1 day. We are 56 chapters (as of writing this) behind Japan, and if we really want to start working with the magazines, we’ll need to release more often. Otherwise…
It won’t happen.

Because of this change in pace, the last decent public raws we have are volume 6’s. Yes, I know that with this chapter only 8 serialized chapters have been scanlated, but if anyone has or knows where to find MQ or HQ (read: 1600+px) raws for volume 7, 8 and 9; please tell me!
Volume 7’s public raws suck anyways. You can find ways to contact me over at the contact page of the site.

I have also done some transparencies for you guys. See them under the cut!

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