Blog Post #3: The Money For Raws

Another blog entry, this time it’s about buying manga.

I don’t have a full time job with paychecks to buy a bunch of manga every month. In fact, I’m still studying! My passion for both scanlation and buyfagging has pretty much inspired me to do this blog entry.
This blog will be about how you can help the group in purchasing the raws without going broke

To start off, the only magazine we “need” for purchasing monthly is Manga Time Kirara Carat. The magazine itself is cheap for its paper quality, costing only 333 yen without taxes (360 with them). Then add the fact that there’s no digital version yet and the add-on thing on Amazon. Overall, it ends up costing a lot more.
Because of that, we try to cover up the costs via buying volumes and other stuff. After the add-on problem, there’s shipping. As I talked on my 1st blog, shipping to Peru is money-draining, but I’d rather be in time with expensive couriers when my local postal service lags.

For those problems, I’ve learned about the glory of Amazon Gift Cards You ! They shall allow me to get all the magazines without going bankrupt! Here are a few places where you can get them:

  • PlayAsia: They sometimes have sales for lower than asking price and everything is on dollars.
  • Amazon JP: You can pick any amount to send and it’s, well, Amazon. You can change the language to English by pressing the globe with JP above it and choosing English. This guide can help you with the giftcards.

Amazon JP FAQ

Physical or Digital?

Phyisical giftcards can’t be shipped outside Japan so you should buy digitals instead.

How do I create a Amazon JP account?

There are already a bunch of guides on how to do that, go to Google.

How much is Yen vs. My currency?

Just search “insert your currency here to yen” in Google.

Do you have a Wishlist?

Yes, I have a wishlist.

Where do I send the giftcard?

Send it to [email protected]

Do you want to ask any other question? Tell me at the group email (the one in the “where do i send the giftcard” question). You’ll appear at a special page unless rejected by you with your name. Feel free to send anything extra or request anonymity.


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