Kagaku Chop Chapter 1 Preview and some chatting

So, yes. Hello everybody, this is Yakisoba.

KMB 2013-07 and Kagaku Chop Chapter 1 are still in progress. So, well; as the title says: Here’s a preview of KGK…


That TL might be so bad it made you cry and want to die. This is because i did what i wanted I used Google Translate and proofreaded it so it maked sense.

If you want better translations; then feel free to join the group so the dark and stormy  solo google era ends and we can do actual quality content again. This group wasn’t made for purposefully shitty scanlations anyways (specially for Kagaku, there are a bunch of scientific terms and if i use Google, they will get lost in translation).

As for the “chatting”, There are a bunch of things I want to talk about:

  1. In order to avoid personal posts and blogs like this one outnumber releases, I have made a shitty blogger account. It still has nothing in it as of writing this.
  2. Went to Mandarake and found this. Expect a unboxing of the magazine (and other things if I just happen to buy them) on KanaeruChop.
  3. Flowing thought of scanlating Mono for Kirara Scantasia. There’s a pretty big chance of me being the typesetter on the credits.
  4. And like always, goodbye!
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